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Animation and Collage


Preparatory Work & Visual Experimentation

Looking at ‘Time, Place and Memory’, I explored playgrounds in relation to my childhood memories. As there is a lot to explore with the idea of playgrounds, I segmented my visual investigation into multiple areas, looking at the familial and cultural significance, dynamic forces and visual elements of my childhood playgrounds.

For my research process, I started by looking at my family albums, collecting images of my younger self and my family at the playgrounds. I superimposed some of the images as it was intriguing to see how there were some taken at a very similar perspective, even though they have been taken years apart. I then studied the negative images of the facilities to study its visual forms and structures.


To investigate the forces involved in a playground, I first used the method of illustration to highlight the ups and downs, drawing on and manipulating photographs.

However, it was challenging to fully visualise the forces using this method, and so I tried to recreate motion using the scanner by physically moving the printed image of a swing and slide.


Exploring the visual elements of the playgrounds, I was inspired by artist Jenny Odell and used images taken from the satellite function of Maps to create concept-specific collages, combining two of my childhood playgrounds.


Expanding my investigation, I generated digital patterns that are inspired by sections of playground facilities, extracting their colours, shapes and lines. Through this process, the original tactility of the playground is flattened.