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Mixed Media


Preparatory Work & Visual Experimentation

Exploring the concept of gravity with 'Object, Image and Space', I investigated how weight, movement and materiality interact with each other. 

I first looked at how gravity influences my personal surroundings, by isolating objects such as hanging towels, clothes and other materials from their contextual space and analysing the lines created naturally by the effect of weight and gravity. I then chose to look at weight, in terms of its distribution in a space and the ways I can visually represent them through drawing.

Movement and motion is another integral part of research when it comes to linking gravity with an object that is dropping. I captured the miniscule moments in time when dropping an object or material and delved into the images that were produced in the process of the release, the short moments of falling, and the final impact when it reaches a surface.

Plaster Dipping

For the sculptures, I mainly used muslin cloth and plaster to carry out plaster dipping. I aimed to solidify the images of the material falling in a three-dimensional way.

High Speed Camera Work

I created some slow motion videos using the high speed camera, recording how objects such as cloth, jelly, eggs and non-Newtonian fluids such as ‘oobleck’ would respond differently to gravity.