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Pattern Design


Preparatory Work & Visual Experimentation

Originating from Hong Kong, studying in the UK and having family who have lived in various places such as Indonesia and Canada, I believe that the integration of cultures is something that is significant in my life.

The 'sarong', a traditional Indonesian cloth was the main inspiration of my project, as I was attracted to its colours and intricate design.

I started my personal project by experimenting with the interweaving of these elements, such as combining a sarong pattern and Chinese embroidery pattern with a teddy bear for my screen print design. During workshops, I have experimented with two-layer reduction lino printmaking and casting, engraving a batik pattern onto half dried plaster.

Screenshot 2022-07-15 at 7.50.30 PM.png

Studies of Symbolic Animals

To expand from the area of textile design, I researched into Chinese ink painting and was inspired to produce larger studies of a Qilin (Chinese Unicorn) and a white tiger. I then created more animal studies including a peacock and phoenix, all of which are symbolic in Chinese and Indonesian culture.

Final Body of Work

Working in series, I incorporated Chinese and Indonesian textile patterns by combining animal symbols and botanical elements of both cultures in my designs.

I used three main compositions for my designs, including repeat pattern, symmetry, and the layout of an Indonesian batik ‘painting’. An Indonesian batik ‘painting’ is comprised of a straight border that outlines the edges of a canvas, with the main illustration taking the centre.